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We may be physically distant, but we are staying connected through technology to continue supporting our MedMom families.

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Receiving online sessions can be assessed prior to initiating services. This can be through an online inquiry or a video call to help identify your needs.

Signing up for Online Consultation

  1. Initial Meeting - a MedMom representative can meet with you regarding your overall goals and special requirements for your child and/or family (optional)

  2. Consent - MedMom will gain consent from all caregivers. The consent form will include fields that will indicate the type of service you will be availing, your choice of consultant and your contact details.

  3. Payment - All sessions will be prepaid. An invoice or billing statement will be provided to you through the e-mail address submitted with the consent form.

  4. Session details - Once payment is received, an administrative staff will communicate with you for an appointment schedule, provide a unique consultation link and password, and e-mail pre-work or forms (if applicable).

  5. Start Session - Enter the session using the assigned link and password on your scheduled session time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a developmental assessment done online?

There is a lot of information that we can gather from you while we are in an online consultation. There are also some tools that can be administered over telehealth. These will help your consultant to come up with an appropriate recommendation to help support your child and/or your family's needs.

What can I expect during an online developmental assessment?

During the consult, you can expect the following:

  1. We will be talking to you about your concerns, take a medical and developmental history, ask you follow-up questions and possibly observe your child and request them to perform some activities.

  2. You may be asked to take part in some activities. These could be through specific words, movements or table-top activities, which will allow us to observe specific behaviors and interactions.

  3. If we have trouble seeing or hearing you or your child clearly, we may ask you to tell us what they said or was looking at.

What can I expect during teletherapy?

Your consultant will join you online and your initial meeting will be a conversation to discuss your concerns, overall goals, limitations and special requirements your child may need for sessions.

Depending on your individual plan, your succeeding consultations can be to check-in on progress, virtual training for handling techniques, parent coaching while performing activities with your child, or a virtual session between therapist and child.

What platform does MedMom use for online consultation?

We generally use Zoom for teletherapy services. You can easily download the Zoom app for free on your mobile phone. If using a laptop, you only need to click on the link that will be sent to you by our admin staff.

MedMom subscribes to a Zoom Pro account and the link you receive will be a personalized link and password for your scheduled appointment.

What technological equipment should we have to access online service?

You will require an internet-connected device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) with a downloaded Zoom app that is available through the App Store or Google Play. The device will need to have a built-in microphone and speaker or functioning jack or plug for earphones.

How does MedMom ensure data security with the issues in the news about Zoom?

We recognize that Zoom faced security vulnerabilities last March, particularly the incidences of Zoombombing and the potential storage of metadata in their system. We've been following Zoom closely and while their organization is finding and fixing bugs in their system, we decided to remain with them as our platform because we are subscribed to a more secure licensed pro account, and it provides the easiest connection for families with a lower bandwidth. Our security protocol for MedMom consults include a specific link per session, requiring passwords for meetings and enabling waiting rooms to avoid unwanted participants in meetings. This is a precaution we've had in place for consultations even before the concerns started showing up in the news, and we have not had any reported cases of breach in the teleconsults of any of our families. Zoom also reported on April 27 the released software update to Zoom 5.0 with new security features.

How can I set an appointment?

You may reach us through the Contact Us button below. You may also send an SMS, Viber message or call +639216298816 or +639158761234 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

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