Medical Services

General Pediatrics

Connect to a pediatric provider who can address your medical concerns, provide recommendations and if needed, send you a prescription or provide a referral to subspecialized physicians, laboratory testing or emergency care.

Our pediatricians can also provide anticipatory guidance for well-child check-ups such as guide for age-appropriate nutrition and milk consumption, supplements if needed, basic care for newborns, developmental milestones, and other expectations.

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Connect with our specialized pediatricians for developmental and behavioral concerns such as language and motor delays, inattention, difficult behaviors and school performance.

Appointments can also be created for medication consults and prescription refills.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Connect with a child and adolescent psychiatrist for existing or new onset mental health concerns, addressing stress and anxiety in children and adolescents, follow-up consultation, or medication consult and prescription refill.

Pediatric Neurology

Consult with our pediatric neurologist for an evaluation of your neurologic concerns, including headaches, hypotonia, spasticity, involuntary movement, and weakness.

Our neurologist is also able to provide a more specific neuromuscular evaluation and management and monitoring of seizure and epilepsy management

Lactation Consultation

Consult with our certified lactation consultant for counseling and management. Gain advice for breastfeeding practices and learn strategies such as increasing milk production, latch positioning, and proper breastmilk storage.

Our specialist can also help address other common issues such as engorgement, mastitis, painful breastfeeding, feeding patterns, and maintaining breastfeeding when mom is returning to work.


Connect with our nutritionist for nutrition counseling for both children and adults.

Create an individualized plan to address your nutrition needs, get tips on food preparation and options for your health needs, and strategies to address food-related concerns such as picky-eating and weight gain/loss.

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Understanding behaviors in children with Dr. Angel Dy
Food and Feeding with Dr. Kaye Napalinga and Mr. Xavier Calibo

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