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The MM Classrooms provide comprehensive learning modules as our unique way of supporting parents, families and communities with information that you will find relevant for your children's learning, development and mental health needs.

Learn with Expert Faculty

MM faculty will share their expertise and experience in working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and other special needs. They will be combining adult learning strategies and subject matter expertise to share knowledge in the context of Filipino families.

The Growing Brain - PH ed.

The Growing Brain - PH is a series of learning opportunities that provides a toolkit to learn the science about the brain along with ways we can encourage the healthy brain development of our Filipino children from birth to 5 years old.

Part 1 of this series will have 4 learning lectures to understand the basics of brain development and factors that affects its growth.

MM Faculty: Dr. Angel Dy

Total learning hours: 2 hours (self-paced)

Fee: Php 500.00

Available starting June 25, 2020

Getting Ready to Talk

Babies are born with a lot of potential, regardless of their circumstances. Parents place a lot of value in their child’s ability to communicate. This module arms the parents and teacher with awareness, knowledge and skill to help their child to be efficient talkers.

MM Faculty: Teacher Kat Ambayec

Total learning hours: 2 hours (self-paced)

Fee: Php 500.00

Available starting June 29, 2020

Food and Feeding: Autism

This module aims to provide important details on the feeding difficulties faced by children with autism, the reasons behind these difficulties and strategies parents & families can use to overcome these challenges.

MM Faculty: Dr. Kaye Napalinga (DevPeds) and Xavier Calibo (Nutritionist)

Total learning hours: 2 hours (self-paced)

Fee: Php 500.00

Available starting July 7, 2020

Online Learning for School-aged Children

The current worldwide pandemic has placed schools and centers in a new position to provide education and intervention online. This module will discuss how to prepare your child for online learning, how to identify a good online learning program, and how to facilitate learning at home.

MM Faculty: Teacher Kristine Lim (SpEd), Teacher Laarni "Lala" Cruz (PT), Teacher Christine Candelaria (OT), Teacher Jill Tan (Psychology)

Total learning hours: 2 hours (self-paced)

Fee: Php 500.00

Available soon.

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